Wanting mind

This poem came one morning when I was scrolling through etsy, looking for a new pair of earrings. Scrolling etsy can be inspirational and joyful - there's so much creativity alive in the world.

And I'm often amazed at how often I crave something new when I have things in my home, sitting in boxes or drawers, that I don't use.

I think of Shug Avery's plea from The Color Purple, how 'everything wants to be loved.' And I think of Marge Piercy's poem To be of use, her belief that 'everything wants to be of use.'

To that august list I'll add that everything wants to be cherished, including ourselves.

Wanting mind

The mind, it is

a comical thing:

it wants a new pair of earrings

when there are twelve

pairs in your dresser

not counting the ones

in your ears or the four more

you haven't worn

these past eight months

and a pair that you'd forgotten

just how lovely they are

until you saw them

nestled in their velvet box

saying, enjoy me.

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